The podcast “Mariconsulta” is dedicated to disseminating aspects of the LGTBIQ+ world from a psychological perspective.

During public recordings, there is room for participation, sometimes as enriching as the contributions of the psychologists leading the podcast. These encounters not only provide a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the LGTBIQ+ world but also strengthen human bonds in this cultural space. At the end of each session, participants share a meal, thus consolidating a community that promotes values such as sexual education from a psychological standpoint, the dissemination of healthy sex-affective dynamics, the prevention of drug consumption through harm reduction strategies, the transmission of scientific and updated information, and the encouragement of critical thinking.

You can find out when public recordings take place through our Twitter account or Instagram account. You can also contact the psychologists who lead the podcast at the email address mariconsulta@espaiqwerty.org.


In Marilectures, we discuss literature and share recommendations and readings from an LGTBIQ+ perspective. If you’re interested in this topic, you’re welcome to join our group.

We organize ourselves on Telegram.

Additionally, some participants suggest events, book clubs, invited authors…
Marilectures is a space centered around a specific activity based on respect, trust, and mutual support. The administration of this space is handled by volunteers.

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